If you are searching for a gaming laptop under 2 Lakh INR to enjoy your favorite game and also stream them on YouTube or Facebook. In this article, you will get to know some of the best options available in the market for gaming laptops

Are you a Die-hard Gamer? or Running a YouTube channel? or a professional Video Editor? Searching for Best Laptop Under 300000 Rs in India? Let me guide you what are aspects need to check on Laptops and help you to choose best laptops under 300000.

The HP TouchPad is the latest device to be released into what is becoming a highly competitive tablet market. The HP TouchPad runs on WebOS 3.0, the software is the major differentiator between tablets on the market today so the OS and application selection for a tablet is really what makes or breaks its success in the market place.

From the day you started Kindergarten and your mom handed you a sickeningly cute backpack, a rite of passage for starting school, to slogging around campus as a grad student some 20-years later, a backpack has been with you. You’ve had ugly backpacks, black backpacks, backpacks with your initials on, Jansport backpacks, LL Bean backpacks, leather bottom backpacks, backpacks that you carried.

The HP 10bII+ calculator was recently released and is an update to the now venerable HP 10bII financial calculator. While the HP 10bII+ is classified as a financial calculator it’s certainly not limited in its uses to only business students and professionals. It has a robust set of statistical, algebraic, and trigonometry functions built-in that will certainly provide enough functionality for non-science and engineering majors in college.

The late Steve Jobs famously said, “people don’t know what they want until you show it to them”. While Mr. Jobs and Apple have nothing to do with the Echo Smartpen, it is developed and produced by the company Livescribe, it could well qualify as one of those things in life that you didn’t know you needed until you see it. 

If you take a laptop with you around campus and carry a mouse as your preferred method of input then you probably know that all mice and all table surfaces are not equal. For instance, if you’ve ever encountered trying to use an optical or laser mouse on a glass surface you know it’s impossible. Any type of transparent or shiny surface, such as a polished table or granite counter, will mean a laser mouse will either not track or be extremely intermittent to the point of useless.

The 12.1″ screen ThinkPad X61 Tablet PC lets you wield the power of the pen, or finger, or simply the trusty old keyboard. That’s right, with the MultiTouch display the X61t allows you to use very accurate active pen input (that borrows Wacom table technology), or you can touch the screen as a method of input, or you can convert to notebook mode and simply type input. 

If you’ve made it as far as Algebra in high school there’s a good chance that you’ve reached the point where a graphing calculator is a necessity. While a regular old simple $20 business calculator is good for quickly multiplying 72 x 7 (504) or doing the square root of 73 (~8.544), it’s no good for helping graph the function y = 7x + 3 and finding the x-intercepts of the function.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X220 / X220i is the most popular selling laptop in the ThinkPad lineup, and for good reason. The X220 features both power and ultra-portability in the same package, all for a reasonable price of under $1,000 for many configurations. The ThinkPad X220 is a popular laptop in the world of business, but given its great battery life, portable size, and excellent durability it can also serve as a great student laptop.

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